Cyber Threat Assessment Program

What is a CTAP

A CTAP, or Cyber Threat Assessment Program, is the completely free way for you to test the security of your network. At Twin Eagle, we leverage our expert network engineers and equipment to monitor your network and collect data. That data is then put into an easy to read report. Our equipment will monitor your network for the span of a week. Please click the link below to view a sample report for a SD-WAN CTAP we did.

The Different Kinds of CTAP's

Next Generation Firewall CTAP​

Purpose: Identify security risks and
understand general network usage

Outcome: Understand security threats,
cloud/application/web usage, and impacts
on network performance

Report Sections: Security | Productivity | Utilization


Purpose: Determine Business Application           Performance and WAN Bandwidth Utilization

Outcome: Evaluate business application behavior, WAN cost reduction, and security readiness for direct internet access

Report Sections: Applications | Security | Utilization

Email CTAP​

Purpose: Determine whether in-built
controls of Office 365 are sufficient

Outcome: Assess risk of ransomware,
phishing, email fraud and other threats

Report Sections: Security | Productivity | Utilization

How To Get Started

If you would like to register for a CTAP for your company, all you need to do is use the contact form below. Once you submit the information, someone from our engineering team will reach out and get the information we need in order to properly carry out a CTAP for your company.

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