Edge Computing and IIoT Solutions

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There is no shortage to the list of ever-increasing technologies designed to automate critical processes. That is why Twin Eagle has created VisionAery. VisionAery is a set of services and products that allow you to take advantage of todays most advanced edge technologies while also being cost effective. With VisionAery, all the heavy lifting is done at the true edge of your network, and because we do all the computing at the edge, you can use more technologies and push more data from the edge to your office without straining your network. 

Operational Video Solutions That Utilize Machine Learning

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Field Vision is the VisionAery suite of video machine learning solutions designed to create operational advantages to the end user. Field Vision is an operational tool that industrial companies can use to increase their operational efficiencies. Field Vision uses technologies such as machine learning, thermal imaging, radiometry, motion detection, and more. Field Vision is user-friendly with features such as solar powered skids, the VisionAery OSM, a mobile app, and intelligent alerting so that you never miss an update on your most critical assets.