Enterprise Networking

Networking is essential in almost every business in today's world, but building a quality network takes time, and managing it takes even longer. That is why Twin Eagle wants to make your life simple with our networking solutions. Now you can get back to doing your job full time while we make your network our job. 

Our Network Solutions



Our SD-WAN Solution is one of the most versatile and reliable solutions you will find on the market. We are vendor agnostic, so we will not try to sell you a product that will not give you the most performance for your money. Our goal is to fit you with the best technology for your needs. We have a long lasting reputation for supplying our customers with reliable and sound solutions that are cost effective. 

SD-WAN is the best option for companies trying to increase reliability on their network. It is also the best solution on the market for lowering your monthly network cost. to learn more about how that is possible, click the link below to read out White Paper on what SD-WAN can do for your company. 

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Wireless/WiFi image


WiFi is an essential part of most businesses today. That is why Twin Eagle offers WiFi and other wireless solutions for our customers. We can easily bring wireless connectivity to your corporate offices as well as access to your remote sites. Twin Eagle has also enabled our customers with WiFi access in operational vehicles like trucks, Semis, and heavy machinery. 

If you need wireless access at any of your locations, Twin Eagle offers the expertise and solutions that are best for you. We will custom design a wireless network that will allow you to communicate across all of your companies assets. If you would like to learn more, click the contact link below to speak with a WiFi expert within Twin Eagles elite team. 


Layer 2 and 3 Switching

Twin Eagle has a talented group of network engineers that are well versed in layer switching and routing. As most network engineers are, our engineers are experienced with traditional layer 2 switching. Additionally, we also have immense experience in layer 3 switching and routing as well. 

Performing switching protocols on both layer 2 and layer 3 allows you to segment your network to make it more secure. We believe this should be common practice in todays businesses because of the vulnerability of a flat layer 2 switching infrastructure. A segmented network can decrease your risk to a cyber attack drastically.



We utilize our 20 years of business relationships to get our customers the best network infrastructure at the best price. We have deep rooted and long lasting relationships with infrastructure vendors that we draw on to provide quality equipment to our customers. 

It is important to have the right equipment for your network. That is why Twin Eagle makes a large effort to supply our customers with only the best infrastructure for their desired solution. It's important to know what equipment is right for all of the different network solutions, and Twin Eagle has the expertise to provide you with that knowledge. We can procure all equipment needed and assemble it before it is shipped to you. This way everything will be plug and play before you get it. 


Network Management

Network Management can be a tricky subject for some customers. That is why Twin Eagle offers 2 different tiers of network management for our customers.

The first is getting you set up to manage your network in house using a network management software (NMS). This option requires the customer to have its own network staff.

The second option is Twin Eagle will manage the network for you. We will provide dedicated network engineers that can manage your network on a daily basis. This option was designed to relieve our customers of the stress associated with maintaining a network. 

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Data Center

For large companies, it is often times hard to avoid the need of a data center, or the equivalent. whether you are hosting your data on the data center on site, in the cloud, or on the edge, Twin Eagle can help you create quality data processing center. We specialize in quality and organized data management paired with highspeed communications. 

It's important to make sure your data processing centers are set up correctly and securely. With out professional design and installation, your company is vulnerable to data breaches, outages, equipment malfunctions, and more.


Cell Repeaters

Our cell repeater solutions involve reliable equipment and professional design and installation. Through our partners, we can ensure you are getting the most from your cellular network. Unlike most companies, Twin Eagle also offers outdoor cell repeaters that enable our Operational companies to utilize a stronger cell service at remote sites. 

If your network is running over cell signal, it's important that you maintain a strong connection. In most remote areas, it is difficult to get a strong cellular connection, and that is why Twin Eagle offers state of the art cell repeaters to our customers. 

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In todays world, the slower networks with small amounts of bandwidth don't always cut it anymore. Back when SCADA was the only information you needed to pull over your network, it worked great, but now there are technologies that you may want to take advantage of. the more technologies you have at the remote sites of your network, the more bandwidth you are going to need to pull of that data back to the HQ. 

Twin Eagle can help you get whatever bandwidth you will need to take full advantage of the edge applications that are available. We have been building high speed networks for our customers for 20 years, and we can help you achieve your network and technology goals. 


Cyber Security

Cyber Security is an essential part of any business today. With out the correct security strategy, you are left vulnerable to cyber and physical attacks. Twin Eagle is well versed in network security fabric and the best practices that are needed to keep a network safe. 

Twin Eagle follows the Purdue Model when designing a secure network. We make sure to segment your network on all 7 layers of the OSI model so that no breach into your network can leave the layer of the breach. With our safety practices, you can rest easy knowing your network is secure from cyber and physical attacks. No one will be getting your data.


Phone Systems

Communications within a company is a very important part of any business, and a phone system is the most common way a company keeps all employees in the loop.

Twin Eagle has expertise installing sound phone systems. (Pun Intended) We use our knowledge of networking and telecommunications to install reliable VOIP, Cell, and WiFi phone systems. 

Our talented technicians can have your voice communications up and running in no time at all.