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24 Hour Flare and Smoke Monitoring

Automated Method 9 and Method 22 Tracking and Reporting

The Smart Way to Monitor Flares

- 24/7 AI Monitoring

- Automated Alerts and Reports

- Flare Size Monitoring

- Smoke Presence Monitoring

- Flare Color Monitoring

- Smoke Opacity Scores Using               Ringelmann Scale

- Flare On/Off Monitoring

- Capital Expense Purchase Model

- Edge Computing Solution

- Camera Agnostic (Use Your                 Camera)

- Turn Key Installation and                     Implementation from TES

Automate Your Industrial Compliance So You Can Get Back To Business

Are you still sending people to look at flares? We can reduce your truck Rolls by 80%.

Method 9 Compliance

Method 22 Compliance

EPA Requirement 

  • Method 9 is a statistically-based methodology for quantifying the level of emissions. The measurement is stated in a percentage of opacity, i.e., a percentage of how much the background is blocked by the emission.

EPA Requirement 

  • Method 22 Visual Determination of Fugitive Emissions From Material Sources and Smoke Emissions From Flares.

Flare and Smoke Monitoring Solution

  • The VisionAery Flare and Smoke Monitoring solution uses what is called a Ringelmann scale in order to determine the opacity of the smoke that’s being emitted from the flare. The Ringelmann score measures opacity on a scale of 0-5. 0 meaning no smoke and 5 meaning dense nontransparent smoke. Once the smoke emissions from the flare pass the threshold, then an automated alert is sent to the end user. You can also pull historical reports to see how much time the flare spent in each Ringelmann score level. Lastly, you, as the operator, can set the threshold for alerts so you can have the most custom experience for your and your company’s needs.

Flare and Smoke Monitoring Solution

  • The VisionAery Flare and Smoke Monitoring solution collects multiple data points to help companies track and monitor their flares. The first is flare and smoke size. As you can see in the video above, there are two lines around the flare and the smoke. The green line measures the size of the flare, and the blue line measures the size of the smoke. The measurements shown above are measured in pixels, but this can be changed to inches, feet, or meters. This application also measures the color of the flare and the opacity of the smoke. (See Method 9 Compliance for opacity description) Lastly, the application can track how long black smoke has been present at the different opacity ratings. This will give the end user to send automated alerts when black smoke has been present longer than the operator would like. This system sends automated alerts and reports based on the criteria that you, as the operator, set it at.

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Flare and Smoke Monitoring Key Features

Picture of the VisonAery Flare and Smoke Monitoring App

Flare Size

Smoke Size

Smoke Opacity

Flare Color

Flare On/Off

Picture depicting 24 hour monitoring with artificial intelligence
24 Hour Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

VisionAery is an edge-based platform that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor your assets 24 hours a day. The solution applies machine learning in multiple areas throughout the platform. First, the cameras have machine learning capabilities that allow you to do basic analytics on site. That data is then fed into the edge server which is where the VisionAery Optical Sensor Management interface is hosted. From there you can teach the VisionAery system to look for and alert on any specific events that you choose. Because it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can customize your deployment and actually teach the cameras what to look for. Common examples of this are Flare Monitoring, Leak Detection, Tank Level Monitoring and more! 

Automated Alerting and Reporting 

With Flare and Smoke Monitoring, you can customize your alert and report settings to capture the information that is the most important to you and your company. Once you set your thresholds for alerting, you can trust that the flare and smoke monitor will keep an eye on your flare 24 hours a day and use it's AI algorithms to recognize the parameters that exceed your alert settings. You can also histories your data and pull regular reports that will show you all of the key metrics you want to see from your flares. This makes it easy to show flare health and performance for your internal teams and the EPA.

Image depicting automated alerting and reporting
Image depicting data processing at the edge
Data Processing at the Edge

Twin Eagle created the VisionAery edge computing platform so you can process all your data on site and avoid straining your network. This is an important addition to the solution because it allows you to take advantage of the full power of edge technologies without bringing down your networks, SCADA systems, Databases, Clouds, and more. Another great advantage of edge computing is that the software needed to use machine learning and AI can live locally on the edge server rather than the cloud or the company headquarters. Lastly, the VisionAery Edge Platform was built to ensure that customers could add future technologies to it and still have plenty of processing power. 

Camera Agnostic Platform and Solution

If you are hesitant to deploy a VisionAery network of cameras because you already have a network of cameras already looking at your flares, then don’t worry. Twin Eagle built VisionAery to be a camera agnostic platform. You can now take full advantage of the VisionAery suite of analytics while using existing camera infrastructure. We have created a machine learning box that lives locally inside the VisionAery enclosure that can hook up to your existing cameras and turn them into smart machine learning and AI cameras. As long as your camera has a stream of the flare feeding into the VisionAery system, then you can use VisionAery's flare and smoke monitoring application.

Image depicting a camera agnostic platform and Solution
Superior Engineering and Field Support

Twin Eagle has over 21 years of industrial support experience. We have a team of engineers and field techs that can help you with anything from phone support to turnkey field installations, programming, and integration. We also offer managed services where we maintain your VisionAery Network of solutions for you.

Purchasing Model
Cap-Ex Model

Most competitors in this space will try to lock you in with an Op Ex sales model. At Twin eagle, we see this as a bad way to do business. Once you purchase a VisionAery system, we believe that you should own it, and in turn, own the data that you get from it. That is why we offer a Cap Ex model that allows you to make a onetime purchase of your system with no additional monthly costs to use your hardware and own your data. Twin Eagle will never hold your data hostage. 

Set Up an On-Site Demo
A picture of the communications on wheel or a mobile applications platform that twin eagle offers to customers for on site demos

VisionAery Mobile Application Platform Demo Unit

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