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Industrial Wireless and
Field Area Networking

Providing Ruggedized Turn Key Solutions for Over 20 Years

When it comes to industrial environments, the process of get network connectivity to every site can be a daunting task. That's why Twin Eagle originally got into business back in 2001. Our Founders, Kip Greenstreet and Tom Bruscino, had over 20 years of building and managing private industrial wireless networks for an industrial companies before they started Twin Eagle. They started Twin Eagle to help other industrial companies build robust and reliable field area networks. Over the last 20+ years Twin eagle has helped over 500 industrial customers complete over 4000 successful projects. That is why Twin Eagle is one of the most trusted names for industrial wireless solutions. 

Depiction of industrial wireless solutions

When Asked to Describe Twin Eagle, Our Customers Said This:

"Trusted Advisor"

"Experienced and Easy"



Twin Eagle Industrial Wireless: Solutions you can rely on from people you can trust.
  • Wireless Consulting Services

  • End to End Design and Engineering

  • Full Service Commissioning and Installation

  • Seamless Integration and Implementation

  • Network Management / Managed Services

  • Turn Key Projects

  • Tower Services and Maintenance 

  • Emergency Support

  • FCC Licensing and Spectrum Analysis

  • Point to Point / Microwave

  • Point to Multipoint

  • Mesh / WiFi Mesh

  • Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

  • CBRS / 5G / Private LTE

Have an Upcoming Project? See How We Can Augment Your Team.

You can Talk to a wireless expert for a free no obligation consultation, or you can get a free no hassle quote to see what it would cost to get an industrial wireless expert to augment your team.

If It's Industrial Wireless, We've Perfected It

Do You Know What Your Network Options Are? You Can...

Licensed and Unlicensed Microwave

Point to Multipoint Networks

Mesh Networks

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

CBRS and 5G

Private LTE and Cellular


WiFi and WiFi Mesh

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Are You Familiar With The Dual Redundancy Capabilities of SD-WAN?

People depicting Wireless consulting services
Wireless Consulting

Twin Eagle was founded in 2001 as a wireless consulting firm called Twin Eagle Consulting. Since then we have been guiding our customers down the right path for their wireless network solutions. We make it a priority to always put the customer needs and requirements first when we recommend solutions, and that's why we maintain a hardware agnostic approach to all of our consulting services. This approach allows us to to create unique solutions for all of our customers based on their needs rather than based on vendor partnerships and hardware preferences. We guarantee to lead you down the path that meets all of your needs and to never force the wrong hardware into your environment. We also make it a priority to connect you with reliable resources to accomplish your project needs.

End to End Design and Engineering

Our staff of RF engineers are amongst the most elite in the world. With Twin Eagle on your team for your wireless project, you will have full access to our team of experienced engineers for design, engineering, phone support, field work, and documentation. Our engineers have ample experience successfully implementing wireless projects with a number of different technologies and designs such as licensed and unlicensed microwave, PTMP, mesh, satellite, WiFi, Cellular, LTE, CBRS, 5G and more. We also use todays best design technologies like Pathloss, EDX, and spectrum analysis. To our current customers, our engineering team is known as the easy button, and we feel that the nickname is well deserved.

A picture to depict end to end design and engineering
A picture of a Twin Eagle Solutions Field Tech depicting full service commissioning and installation
Full Service Commissioning and Installation

When you use Twin Eagle for your projects, you get access to our full field service team and warehouses. Our team manages any pre project commissioning of hardware such as programming, updating, IP addressing, and software downloads. You can also store equipment in one of our warehouses until your project is ready for the installation phase. Our field technicians and field engineers also have a full service truck with all the materials needed to troubleshoot issues while on site, so once installation is underway, your project will run smooth and you will have the experience and support of the twin eagle engineering and field teams to troubleshoot and solve any problems that may arise.

Seamless Integration and Implementation

Our Integration Services is one of the main things that makes Twin Eagle the better choice of other integrators. We understand that any new system is only as good as its usability by the end user. That why we manage the integration of networks with customer systems such as SCADA's, HMI's, historians, PLC's, site automations, data brokers, clouds, and more. We also convert incoming network data into formats customer systems can understand such as MQTT, JSON, Modbus and more. Security integration is never an issue because we make it easy on the IT team by following specific IP addressing schemes, Firewall instructions, and managing encryption keys. We act as your field team to coordinate with o ensure your new wireless network is fully integrated with your existing systems and security.

A Picture depicting seamless integration and implementation
A picture depicting a managed service and network management agreement
Network Management / Managed Services

In today's world, it is hard to find qualified professionals to manage your network infrastructure, and if your like our current managed service customers, then you don't want the hassle that comes with the full time management of your network. That is why Twin Eagle created multiple options for our customers to utilize our teams to manage your network. We can simply be an augmentation of your team by offering engineering and field support when you need it, or we can fully manage your network where we can absorb and manage your network team, or we can dedicate our own Twin Eagle experts to give you 24/7 support to keep your network up and running.

Turn-Key Projects

Our turn-key project solution includes everything listed above. Essentially, you can use Twin Eagle to manage your project through all phases of your project. These services include wireless consulting, end to end design and engineering, Project management, Hardware Procurement, full service commissioning and installation, seamless integration and implementation, documentation and close- out, and we will either manage your network for you, or we will train your network team how to manage your new network. We will also conduct scheduled check ins to communicate with you and your team to ensure we are accomplishing your goals and meeting your timeline. When it comes to industrial wireless projects, this is as easy as it gets for you and your company. 

A Picture depicting turn key projects
A picture of lightning striking a communications tower to depict emergency support
Emergency Support and Troubleshooting

When mother nature strikes, or you run into technology issues that need troubleshooting, network outages are never 100% avoidable. That is why Twin Eagle created a dedicated team to respond to your outage and get your network back up as soon as possible. We have been supporting our customers to maintain flawless networks for almost 20 years. We have immense experience with troubleshooting networks and repairing damaged equipment. If you have critical assets that can't afford to be offline, then you can benefit from our 24/7 emergency support. Give us a call to talk about our tired support models that include NOC's, ticketing systems, service level agreements, and boots on the ground field support. Also, don't forget to ask about our predicitve maintenance options.

Let us file with the FCC for you

Let our team file and manage all of the documents needed for you to get approved licenses from the FCC. 

Get a spectrum Analysis

Let our team perform a spectrum analysis of your sites for interference. This is always best practice before deploying equipment.

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