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Our Network Solutions

Microwave PTP

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Wireless Microwave is a great way to provide high speed reliable communications to your network. Twin Eagle specializes in both licensed and unlicensed microwave, and we leverage our vendors to provide you with the best possible solutions for the best price. 

Twin Eagle is known for its turn key approach to all of our solutions. We especially like to turn key Microwave backhaul ring network designs complete with Tower planning, FCC licensing, network design, installation, and maintenance. 

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Mesh and WiFi Mesh

A mesh network is becoming an industry standard if your goal is network reliability. The only problem is that mesh technologies vary in how they operate based on the vendor. That is why Twin Eagle has developed the best mesh and wifi mesh solutions available in todays markets.

With our turn key meshing solutions, you can have a network you can rely on. Our goal is to design a network that will withstand any environmental struggles. Our meshing solutions have been tested in some of the worst environments you can possibly put a network, and we consistently deliver reliable mesh networks to our customers. 

Point to Multipoint


Twin Eagle has the most talented and experienced RF engineers in the nation. We design quality Point to Multipoint networks everyday for our customers. Most of our customers are in industrial environments like Oil and Gas or Utilities, so we are used to engineering complex networks that must perform in remote areas where connection can be hard to find. 

We use a large variety of vendors for our Point to Multipoint solutions. like all of our solutions, we do not recommend a solution based on the vendors we are partnered with. We only recommend solutions that we know will perform the best for your needs. When you hire Twin Eagle to design your Point to Multipoint network, you can rest assured that you are getting a sound solution.




5G has the potential to be the saving grace for companies that are lucky enough to be within reach of it's radius. It's drastic improvement on speed and bandwidth compared to 4G makes it very enticing to companies as a network solution. That is why Twin Eagle has partnered with multiple vendors as well as obtained multiple certificates to be able to install 5G infrastructure for our customers. 

For companies closer to cities, 5G is a great option for a high speed network. Not to mention that most phones are compatible with it as well, which makes it easy to use software applications that can be used on phones or desktops. Call us to see how you can get 5G today.


CBRS and Private LTE

We decided to group together CBRS and Private LTE because they are in relatively the same band. The difference between them is that the LTE spectrum was always available to companies to use, but CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) was only just recently made available. If you do not know much about CBRS, please watch our quick explainer video. 

Twin Eagle is experienced with both Private LTE and CBRS. We have strong partners in both options, and we have a certified crew of engineers that are experts at designing and installing these networks. If you would like to know if these solutions are right for you, then contact us with the link below


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Tower Services

Base station network operator. 5G. 4G, 3

Towers are an essential part of most companies networks. That is why Twin Eagle is your one stop shop for all things towers. Below are our tower services:

Tower Procurement

Tower and Foundation Installation

Lease Negotiation

Tower Maintenance

Engineering Stamps

Tower Load Calculation


Hardware Procurement

Part of being a turn key service company is being able to provide your customers with the best and most affordable equipment. We have cultivated relationships with our vendors for over 20 years so that we can offer our customers the best possible equipment for the best price. We leverage our relationships and increased discounts to lower the cost of our customers equipment. 

On top of passing on savings in equipment cost, our engineers are also experts at creating the correct Bill of Materials for our customers. This ensures that you are getting all the equipment you need to complete the project. This includes the main equipment and miscellaneous equipment.



FCC Licensing 


Frequency and license coordination can be a complicated and long process. That is why Twin Eagle offers help when dealing with the FCC. Obtaining licenses is something we do on a daily basis. We know how long it will take to get your license, and how to submit for the license correctly. 

If you are unsure about how to get a license from the FCC, or if your unsure if you need a license in order to operate on your chosen frequency, give us a call. We make it easy to keep your network in compliance with FCC regulations.


Network Management

Network Management can be a tricky subject for some customers. That is why Twin Eagle offers 2 different tiers of network management for our customers.

The first is getting you set up to manage your network in house using a network management software (NMS). This option requires the customer to have its own network staff.

The second option is Twin Eagle will manage the network for you. We will provide dedicated network engineers that can manage your network on a daily basis. This option was designed to relieve our customers of the stress associated with maintaining a network. 


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Spectrum Analysis

Building a network can be an expensive task for a company. That is why it's important to ensure that there is not a significant amount of interference in the frequencies you choose to run your network on. With Twin Eagle's spectrum analyzer, you can test radio frequencies before buying equipment, or test if interference from another source is causing your network to underperform. 

All to often, we find that our customers networks are underperforming because of an unlicensed user interfering with their network. Sadly, the only way to identify if this is the issue is to test your spectrum.