Power Solutions

Twin Eagle specializes in all things networks, but you can't have a functioning network without power. That is why we offer power solutions for our customers. It does not matter if you are in the city or the middle of no where, we can get power to your network.

Our Network Solutions



Solar panels

When you are trying to get your SCADA network out to a remote site that does not have AC/DC power, solar can be a great and less expensive option for you.

Twin Eagle offers multiple solar options that will allow you to power all network equipment with out the need for AC/DC power. 

Give us a call today to learn more about your options.

Wind turbine


Wind can be a great alternative power solution for you. If you are in the correct areas, wind can be the only power source you need, but it can also be a great supplemental option to help meet your power requirements for on site equipment. 

Twin Eagle has inexpensive and reliable options that come with professional installation. Call us today to learn more.




When you have a site that needs temporary power until you are able to bring a more stable power supply to a site, an industrial generator is a great solution. Twin Eagle offers many different generator options based on your requirements for power and length of autonomy. 

A generator can also help you bridge the gap for when power is lost at a site and you need to keep it running while the power is brought back on.

Always have a back up plan with an industrial generator from Twin Eagle.



With an uninterruptible power supply, you do not need to worry about losing power to your critical devices when there are temporary outages. with a UPS system, you can ensure all of your devices stay up and running as long as they are plugged in to the UPS. 

This is a great solution for equipment that needs to stay online at all times, or equipment that is troublesome to reboot if there was a power outage or short loss in power.



Battery Pushin ps.jpg

Whether you are using solar, wind, hydro, or some other type of alternative power source, you need some place to store the excess energy. That is why having a reliable battery that can stand the test of time and weather erosions is so important. With the right battery, you can store many additional hours, if not days, of autonomous power supply from your alternative power solutions. 

Ask a Twin eagle professional about our battery solutions today.


Hybrid Power Solutions

hybrid power solutions.jpg

Twin Eagle offers our customers the ability to use multiple different power sources at once. We also will allow for a hierarchy of power supplies so your equipment does not use a power source unless another is not working. 

One example of our Hybrid Power Solutions is what we put on our Mobile Applications Platform. We use Solar, Generators, and wind on our platforms. This allows for complete autonomy without the need to plug into an external power source.