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Remote Vision makes it easy for any company to view their assets and record important events, making it possible for companies to optimize their operational efforts.

24/7 Remote Connectivity 

With Remote Vision, assets can be viewed at anytime. This capability allows the end user to have more control of their most important sites all while never leaving the office. Being able to survey sites remotely creates time and cost savings while increasing the safety of employees. Remote Vision makes it easy to keep an eye on your assets.

Automated Site Surveys

Remote Vision gives the end user the ability to perform automated site surveys with pre-set tours and reporting on key data points. The end user has 2 options:

      1. The end user can set up a pre-set tour for each site, and then simply login to the VisionAery VMS and click play on the desired site to                     survey. The camera will then show every location that was set on the pre-set tour.

      2. The end user can set up a pre-set tour for each site, and then set a time and frequency the survey will be performed every day. Remote                   vision will then perform the surveys automatically and send pictures of each location within the pre-set tour to their proffered  delivery                 method.

Remote Vision's automated site surveys help the end user create much need efficiencies that allow them to have more time in a day.

Set Parameters and Receive Trigger Alerts

Remote Vision allows the end user to set up rules for specific zones within a site. Remote Vision utilizes machine learning to keep you updated on critical data. You can alert on things such as people entering or leaving a site, entering certain areas of a site, color changes, gauge readings and more.

VisionAery VMS

The Visionaery Video Management System allows the end user to view all their sites from their desktop or phone. VisionAery VMS gives the end user a great user experience and makes it easy to manage a high numbers of sites. The Visionaery VMS is what allows the end user the oversite and control of their most important assets.

VisionAery Video Management System UI

Historize Data at the Edge

With the VisionAery edge computing platform, sensor data can be historized at the edge to view later for prolonged periods of time. This makes it easy for companies to perform audits on sites or perform predictive maintenance based on historical data.

Integrate Into Existing Systems

All VisionAery solutions are easy to integrate into existing systems. VisionAery is a Twin Eagle Solutions product and service designed to integrate into the end users existing SCADA historian systems and network. We are able to convert the data from the edge into the code needed to see the data in SCADA systems.

True Edge Computing 

VisionAery is a true “edge” based solutions platform. What we mean by true edge is that we do all of our machine learning and sensors at the remote location and that data is analyzed on location and not in the cloud.. Other edge computing companies consider edge computing to be where all of the end users assets are streaming data to a "Data Center" that is placed in the Field Area Network. VisionAery's platform provides robust edge solutions for sensors and machine learning applications. This includes video, acoustic, chemical detection and other types of sensors to give a holistic view of the location while utilizing edge computing platforms/solutions.