We have been designing, building, and supporting field area networks since 2001.

Reliable solutions from trusted industry experts.

Ruggedized Networks for Industrial Use

Our goal is to provide high bandwidth along with ruggedized and reliable networks for every remote field area network.

Our Wireless Solutions Include:

  • Wireless consulting
  • End-to-End design and engineering
  • Full-service commissioning and installation
  • Seamless integration
  • Complete network management
  • Maintenance and emergency support
  • FCC compliance
  • Project management

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We Provide Cutting-Edge Solutions


With high reliability and easy integration, SD-WAN is a spectacular solution for OT environments. Manage multiple types of networks through one pane of glass while increasing reliability and redundancy.

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Mesh networks are great for customers with field area networks that encompass difficult terrain or experience spotty coverage. A mesh network allows data to travel under any condition.

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When designed correctly, a PtMP network is one of the most reliable networks available. These types of networks are great for almost every situation and flexible enough to span across an entire wireless environment.

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Private 5G

While 5G is widely accessible to consumers, it hasn’t been as available for industrial use due to the remote locations of many fields. A private 5G network changes that, allowing the industrial sector to take advantage of the speed and reliability consumers have come to know.

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Private LTE

Widely used and proven in industrial environments, a private LTE network can be a great choice for any company’s needs. This is a great option for quick and cost-effective connectivity for any field.

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CBRS is the not-so-new, new kid on the block. It’s great for network flexibility and IoT use cases, it allows for high bandwidth like PTP, and it’s not as sensitive to obstructions. Our engineers and field teams ensure every customer is getting the most of their CBRS network, whether they’re a PAL holder or using a GA band.

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High bandwidth is the name of the game, and that’s why PTP networks are great for a backhaul solution. This network should be the “backbone” of every field area network. Twin Eagle makes sure customers are getting five 9s of reliability out of their PTP networks.

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Cellular offers a quick and easy way for any company to gain connectivity. Twin Eagle helps customers choose the best service provider for their area, and source the best equipment for the most reliable connection. We can also manage monthly cell subscriptions.

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Bring WiFi to any field site to give internet access to teams and make it easier to use IoT instruments. Industrial WiFi is a game changer for a company’s ability to collect data and streamline communications with internal and remote teams for every site.

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Need to File with the FCC?

The FCC can be a difficult beast to navigate. Let us take on the burden for you so you know it’s done right and as fast as possible.


Getting Wireless Interference?

Whether you have a network now, or you want to build one, it is always good to understand what interference is in the area. Gain insight with a spectrum analysis.