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How to Automate PPE Monitoring Using Machine Learning

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

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There is no shortage to the lit of ever increasing technologies designed to automate critical processes. That is why Twin Eagle, with it's partners Bosch, Emerson, Azena, and Noctuai, have created the VisionAery PPE Detection solution.


Visualization of analytics detecting PPE

Our PPE Detection Application uses the power of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to recognize when someone is wearing or not wearing their required Person Protective Equipment. The standard PPE Detection deployment looks for high visibility vests, hard hats, protective glasses, and gloves. However, using the Machine learning and AI capabilities of the VisionAery edge platform, we can teach the camera to look for what ever you require your people to wear for PPE. This gives you the ability to completely customize your PPE Detection system to whatever you need it to be. Along with that customization comes the ability to control your environment using VisionAery. For example, you can program the system to communicate with door or gates so that people cannot enter certain areas without their PPE, or it can communicate with access panels and keep them in a lock state until they have all of their PPE on, or you can even send alerts to an audible public address system to alert when someone is not wearing their PPE. You can customize your solution in whatever way you need so that you can minimize risk as much as possible. See below for a video vemonstration.


Visualization of analytics tracking a fall

Fall Detection is another easy add on to PPE Detection. The Fall Detection application uses the analytics that PPE Detection uses, and it helps to improve the safety of your work environments. Using machine learning and AI, the VisionAery system can detect when someone has fallen, and then it will store that data as an event that you can view in the VisionAery Optical Sensor Management Interface. Fall Detection Does not come with PPE Detection, but we recommend adding it to your application suite to help improve safety.


Optical Sensor Management Interface and event tracking
Optical Sensor Management Interface and event tracking

Any system deployed in an industrial environment is only as good as its ease of use. That's why Twin Eagle developed it's VisionAery OSM (Optical Sensor Management). With the VisionAery OSM, you can easily interface with the technology you have deployed in your field. You can also set automations for site surveys or reports, and program new technologies while sitting at your desk. You will also be able to track events such as a fall in the OSM and store that data to playback later. The best part is that it lives locally on the edge computer and automates visual inspection processes whether someone is controlling it. Of course, you can manually control everything by simply logging in and viewing your assets remotely. The VisionAery OSM makes remote monitoring easy and affordable.


Visualization of edge computing analytics
Visualization of edge computing analytics

PPE Detection and Fall Detection uses Twin Eagle's VisionAery edge computing platform for all data processing needs. Twin Eagle has chosen Emerson as the Edge computer vendor. This is an important addition to the solution because it allows you to take advantage of the full power of the application without having to be concerned about the strain the video data will have on your network, SCADA system, Database, Cloud, and more. Another great advantage of edge computing is that the software needed to run the analytics for the PPE and Fall Detection applications can live on the edge device rather than the cloud or the company headquarters. Lastly, Twin Eagle's Edge Platform uses was built to ensure that customers could add future technologies to it and still have plenty of processing power at the edge.


VisionAery Diagram of integration into customer networks and systems

Twin Eagle Built VisionAery with the primary goal of making your life easier. Part of making things easy is making your system easy to integrate and maintain. The system comes with built in cellular capabilities as well as a WAN port so that the end user can easily add the new VisionAery system to their network. Also, if the end user prefers to monitor the VisionAery system through their SCADA, then it can easily speak common coding languages such as MQTT. The system also comes installed with a managed switch that can bump ports individually, allowing you to power cycle equipment remotely. Another great feature that comes standard is a power monitor and controller that you can use to view and control power to devices remotely. Lastly, Each VisionAery system comes with the 21 years of experience and support of Twin Eagle Solutions.


Stand Alone Skid Design
Stand Alone Skid Design

As an option to all Twin Eagle Customers, we offer a turn-key stand-alone skid with solar to support our VisionAery systems. You can mount your cameras, radios, antennas, and enclosures on this skid. Also, the skid is heavy enough to be placed as a permanent fixture on a site, but they are light enough to be loaded onto a trailer and easily moved from site to site. This allows you to use the VisionAery system wherever you most need it. The solar attached to the skid provides the system with 3 days of autonomous power assuming it is at full charge. This design makes it easy for you to utilize all the capabilities of the VisionAery system without the need for existing infrastructure to mount on or power at the site.


VisionAery demo unit available for rent
VisionAery demo unit available for rent

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