Remote Site Inspection

Remote site Monitor gives you all the ease of Remote Viewer, but increases the reliability, functionality, and visualization of the system. Remote Site Monitor is still easy to install and integrate into existing and new systems, but it also offers more robust equipment, custom alerting and reporting, and non-AI analytics.


Inspecting remote sites and assets can be time-consuming, inefficient, and risky, given the considerable travel involved. Sending field workers on frequent visits is not only costly, but it also poses safety risks, as over 50% of industrial accidents happen on the road. Plus wireless bandwidth constraints often hinder real-time remote monitoring, limiting the ability to proactively address issues and making it difficult to prioritize site visits effectively.

Eagle Vision Industrial IoT Remote Site Inspection is a versatile and modular solution designed to overcome these challenges. It allows companies to conduct thorough site inspections remotely, leveraging camera technology for live views and automated site surveys.

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Addressing Remote Monitoring Challenges



At the core of our solution is modularization, allowing customization to cater to individual needs. Customers can select
components as per their requirements, including cameras, edge server, connectivity, power, analytics, and professional
services. This approach ensures compatibility with pre-existing systems.

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Edge Computing

We implement edge computing to overcome bandwidth constraints often encountered when monitoring remote sites. By
processing data locally, our system allows seamless data collection and analysis, reducing the load on your network.
Yet, for customers who prefer it, cloud or control center options are available.

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Network Connectivity

Our standard offering includes cellular connectivity, but customers can easily integrate their own Field Area Network
(FAN) using the built-in WAN port. With NAT IP addressing, our system can work independently of your existing IT
network, simplifying integration.

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Data Integration

We provide ease of data integration by converting data/alerts/reports into compatible formats (MQTT, Modbus, OPCUA)
for easy integration with your SCADA, historians, data brokers, or other systems


Live Viewing

Despite being designed to operate locally, Eagle Vision Industrial IoT systems also support live remote viewing of your assets.
Provided you have sufficient bandwidth, you can view live camera feeds, control cameras, and update system settings
remotely as needed.

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Automated Site Surveys

A standard feature in all Industrial IoT systems is the capability to conduct routine site surveys. Our system carries out
programmed PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) tours, capturing images of various site locations and compiling them into a
comprehensive PDF report. These reports include details such as site specifics, coordinates, a Google Earth image,
and the date and time of the report. Depending on your needs, these surveys can be scheduled multiple times a day,
with the resulting reports sent directly to your email. This systematic approach to monitoring your site can enhance your
decision-making process regarding site maintenance schedules.

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Our edge computing model and CapEx purchase approach ensure inherent security. The system keeps data within your
network, protected by your firewalls. As a result, data security remains under your control. However, end point detection
and response software is available to purchase upon request.

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Professional Services

As part of our offering, customers can opt for professional services, including Turn-Key Installation and Integration,
Training, Site Design, Analytic Engineering, and Complete System Management. These services aim to streamline
installation, integration, and maintenance while ensuring your team is fully equipped to operate the system.

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Potential for AI Integration

The system can be upgraded with an AI solutions device for enhanced analytics capability. (See Advanced AI System
for analytic options)

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With Eagle Vision Industrial IoT Remote Site Inspection, companies can drastically reduce the need for on-site visits, leading to cost
savings, increased efficiency, and improved safety. It offers the flexibility of real-time viewing and automated site surveys,
enabling more informed decision-making and targeted responses to site issues.

Customers own the equipment and software, including all data it generates. Post-purchase, customers only pay for optional support services, such as analytic support
packages, professional services, and maintenance.

Our pre-configured system ensures a smooth setup process. Customers simply need to mount the system and connect to power and network. Configuration settings can be managed by customers or our engineers remotely.

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